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 My work spans nearly 40 years now -

As a dancer ~ dancing,  teaching, creating for individuals and companies, in conservatories, public & private schools and universities, nationally and internationally including the Royal Danish Ballet ( Denmark), the Accademia Nazionale di Roma ( Italy), International Association for Dance Medicine & Science, Safety  In Dance Internatioanl, IDA, International Dance Assoication.


As a teacher, my work blends the traditions from Diaghaliev's Ballet Russe through my training in Cecchetti, RAD, and Vagonava pedagogy. I am proud to be fully certified in the ABT National Training Curriculum from Primary through Advanced & Partnering. All of this I bring to teaching future dancers in colleges, schools, conservtories and the Young Dancers Project.

I love my work with dancers as choroegrapher and Artistic Director of BRIAH Danse and as a  teacher for all of my students, to the teachers who will carry on the work - blending body, mind and Spirit in movement and dance!


As a therapist ~As  a dancer, teacher and  therapist ~ with a Master of Arts degree in both Dance & Psychology, as a licensed and registered therapist in 3 states. I love my work and studies in the therapeutic arts.  I love to work  with the general public, dancers and artists, the blind and special needs populations.  I am an Advanced Craniosacral therapist with a private practice as well as working in clinics and teaching for the Upledger Institute.  I have enjoyed presenting my work at International Association for Dance Medicine and Science; Accademia Nazionaled di Danza in Rome, Italy and the University of Bologna; teaching for the Royal Danish Ballet in Denmark and look forward to writing, Safety in Dance and the publication of my work.




In Dance

Coming with, in and through the finest of training in dance, the visual arts, music conservatories with the finest world teachers ~ 


My work is:

    to coach and support the process of artists and students - in and through dance and movement; 

to rehabilitate and re-allign through movement 


to facilitate artistic development of talented artists and dancers.


 My coaching is supplemental to training programs and is provided to assist and ensure individual artistic process through technical strength and ability, individual anatomical understanding, and the evolution of musicality and stylistic understandings.

   Group/class sizes are limited and individual coach classes may be arranged by appointment.


 Please call  or write for further information on classes, workshops and seminars: (949) 254-0020 ro

In Boulder, CO - Open Classes:  M/W/Fr /S

Kinesis Studios, 5630 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, CO

n Denver

For Colorado Ballet, Denver, CO  Adult Intermediate Classes 10 T/Th

For Cleo Parker Robinson T 4:30, 6; Wednesday 6:30, Fr 4:30

At Cleo Parker Robinson - T/Th 1 GroundworX 



Toward the Future -

Through the work- EMBODIED AWARENESS, I look forward to working with teachers, dancers, choreographers, therapists, musicians who would like to gain a greater anatomical understanding  of personal organization and empowerment of the spirit in dance.

Together and with great care,  we ensure the future of the arts  and in  particular ~ the magic of movement  as we support the technical prowess and precision of these amazing athletes.

Join me... for Courses & Certification in 'Embodied Awareness' that is now registered and copyrighted and included Anatomical Studies , the integration of Anatomy Trains & Craniosacral in the teaching of movement and safe practices for choroegraphers.


     I would like to bring together artists, scientists and mathematicians, psychologists as we all search to integrate mind and body, matter and soul unveiling the great majesty of Spirit ~ It has been a great year 2016 - with monthly workshops in embodied Awareness.  These workshops will resume in July - November.  

Please call for information



  In  Therapy

As an advanced craniosacral therapist, I work in profound neautral with the body and mind. My work incorporates  neuromuscular, lymphatic drainage, circutatory, swedish, sports massage techniques as needed for all ages. and includes pre and perinatal massage and craniosacral therapy for pregnant women and newborns.  I work with the blind and special needs populations and incorporate all of my therapeutic triaing into dance and movement.

I am a  license  therapist since 1988 in New Hampshire, California and Colorado ( pending).  

Please call for an appointment: (949)254-0020


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