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Ms. Persch has performed with the Royal Ballet, the Stuttgart Ballet, American Ballet Theater, Metropolitan Opera Ballet and the Hartford Opera Ballet and the Hartford Ballet. Commercially she performed, choreographed and directed at the Oakdale Theater, Schubert Theater and Theater-By-the Sea

 As a choreographer, her work has also taken her into collaboration with individual artists, orchestras and symphony groups as well as professional theaters including Theater-By-The Sea  in New Hampshire and the Schubert Theater in Connecticut (Assistant Director and Choreographer for more than 11 Broadway productions), and the  American Stage Festival.  She is excited to be collaborating with  Karen Feuer Schwager 


Ms. Persch has created more than 40 classical and contemporary new works for chamber sized performance groups including Shaker-A Simple Piece, The Planets, Te Deum, Our Town, After Images and Romance Without Words.  Her work has been performed in Ireland and France to the Festival Off D’Avignon-American Choreographers Showcase, 1995. In 1995-96, she was one of 50 Collaborating Arts Partners and introduced Jayne Persch & Company as one of only two selected choreographers for the year long MacDowell Colony Centennial Celebration. She has received the Governor’s Award for Artistic Excellence (1993) in New Hampshire as Artistic Director of the New Hampshire Contemporary Ballet Company and served on the rosters of both Artists-in-Residence and Arts-in Education(1993-98).  As Artistic Director for the Springfield Ballet, Ms. Persch received a national award from the National Association of Science Teachers for her innovative  Alternative Educational –Arts- in-School project, Let’s Create Together-The Planets, sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts. 


Now in Colorado – Ms. Persch is  proud to work with BRIAH Danse as Artistic Director and Choreographer and looks forward to an exciting future.  She loves her work as faculty for  Colorado Ballet and Boulder Ballet and maintains a limited number of classes In Boulder, Colorado for adults – beginner through professional and a Young Dancer’s Project for gifted and talented young students.  She has completed her Gyrotonic Foundation is now accepting appointments for individual and small group sessions.


Since coming to Colorado, Ms. Persch has taught for Denver School of the Arts and help to create the Amy Hollinger Benefit Performances.  SHE has created full curriculum based in Anatomy Trains and Cranio-sacral Therapy that she has presented at IADMS, InternationalAssociation of Dance Medicine and Science in Seattle in 2013.  She continues to guest teach both nationally and internationally  


Internationally, Ms. Persch maintains connections in Europe including Fondazione AldaFendi ( Italy), the Royal Danish Ballet School, Holstebro; the Danish National School of Theater and Contemporary Dance, IUSP and IDA in Italy, Royal Ballet School;, London; and  the International Festival OFF D’Avignon France  the with an open invitations to return as guest artist and teacher.. Ms. Persch has been guest teacher/artist  for Northern School of Contemporary  Dance, Leeds, and SEAD (Salzburg Academy of Experimental Dance) in Austria. Ms. Persch has been commissioned by QUERCUS S.A.R L. to create a work for presentation in Geneva, Switzerland and France. She  has been  asked to represent Ireland, at the ELIA Conference in Spain, Nazionale Accademia de Danze in Rome and through IDA at the University in Bologna.




As a Massage Therapist for 20+ years, she is nationally certified and licensed in the state of New Hampshire as well as in California. She is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association and the Pre & Perinatal Psychology Association of North America and PPAM (Physicians Practitioners of Anthroposophical Medicine), ECIS, IADMS (International Association for Dance Medicine and Science, PAMA (Performing Arts Medicine Association) and IAHP (International Association of Health Practitioners). As an Advanced Craniosacral therapist , she has completed the full curriculum through the Upledger Institute is now a candidate for Diplomate in  Craniosacral Therapy and a member of ACSTA (American CranioSacral Therapy Association). 


There is more to Jayne Persch than a long list of credits. As a teacher of dance and movement therapist, she works to prevent injuries and promote body awareness so that dance and movement may be used as therapy together with music, color, speech and drama. She twinkles to inspire a range of movement, imaginations and explorations of the soul that may never have been examined before.  She offers an understanding of our personal movements that may have been washed aside by the busyness of rushing lives.  For dancers, she is a source of inspiration both during and after life in dance.

With more than 25 years of professional experience in dancing, teaching, choreography and directing as well as continued personal advanced study in massage therapy, craniosacral therapy and psychology ~ Ms. Persch brings a certain compassion, passion and joy – an understanding to her work. She offers a real sense of accomplishment and nurtures an awareness of personal integrity that is rooted in her deep love of the arts and her human commitment.





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