I believe

          … in the power of posture

      the beauty of gesture

                                   and the majesty of the human spirit ~ 


      I work with the body  & the mind

               through movement,

                              the new sciences and the arts,

                                               in a clinical setting,

                           classroom, studio &  through performance......


                      With people    ~ 

                                         some -  dancers and artists,

                                                           students and teachers......                                                                    collaborators, with communities

                              and life inspirations...life lessons ~


                                                             &     perhaps~ with you!



Contact:  jperschco@mac.com


Jayne Persch teaches " art from the heart'

The Boston Globe


... a humanistic approach to dance and theater art

Presenting Denver

Classes, Workshops, Therapeutic Work, Special Events, BRIAH!
Please visit support sites:  www.jaynepersch.dance

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